Meet the Inventor: Ruth Amos


Have you ever met someone who invented something super cool at just 15 years old? Introducing Ruth Amos – inventor, entrepreneur, YouTube star, and all-around awesome person!

Ruth didn’t always know engineering was her thing. In fact, when she had to design something for school, she wasn’t too thrilled. But then, she came up with the StairSteady, a clever invention to help people stay safe on stairs. And guess what? It was so amazing, she won Young Engineer for Britain!

Not only did Ruth create something life-changing, she also turned it into a real business. Now, the StairSteady helps people all over the world. But that wasn’t enough for Ruth. She wanted to show kids how much fun engineering can be, so she teamed up with, Shawn, to create Kids Invent Stuff.

Ruth’s not just about building awesome stuff, though. She loves sharing her passion for science and engineering with everyone, especially kids. She’s a superstar speaker who can turn even the most boring topic into an exciting adventure. Forget sleepy science class – with Ruth, learning feels like playing a giant game of discovery!

So next time you think engineering is all about textbooks and equations, remember Ruth! She’s living proof that it’s a world of creativity, problem-solving, and making the coolest things ever. Who knows, maybe your next invention idea will be the next big thing! ‍‍

Ruth’s story on the BBC One Show…