Parents & Teachers

We build kids’ inventions ideas on YouTube to show the fun and diverse nature of engineering, through crazy real-world projects based on kids’ drawings! Our videos and monthly challenges are accessed by thousands of 5-11 year olds every year; both at home and in the classroom.

Heres how it works:

Get your kids involved

We set a new invention challenge every month, each with a new theme and a new opportunity for your kids to have their invention ideas brought to life.

You can find our latest challenge video and activity worksheet here:

Our challenges our open to all children aged 5-11, anywhere in the World – and it’s all free, thanks to our brilliant sponsors.

We often visit schools and home education groups to talk about engineering and invention and to challenge young people to draw their invention ideas. Get in touch if you’d be interested in us visiting your school.

Teaching & Learning Resources

We often get requests for resources that teachers and parents can use to support learning around engineering and invention.

So we’ve put together the following useful content for you: